Our League

   Our League is called Ryb's Sunday Shamble League. We are a collection of avid amateur golfers from across the Ohio Valley who meet at various local courses and enjoy a friendly but competetive round of golf. For each event, four man teams are chosen, based on individual handicaps. Three man teams will be used if we have an odd number of players. Each man donates $10 to the pot, and payouts go to high team score front nine, high team score back nine, and high team score total. Payouts also go to closest to pin on par 3's and a closest 2nd shot on a select hole.  For each shamble we have a 50/50 drawing.  This year we will have 10 shambles plus the year-end outing, where prize money is doubled and the 50/50 money is donated to a local charity.

League Rules


Shamble format consists of each team member hitting a tee ball. Select tee ball among the team is played. On par 5's, the tee ball and the select second shot are played. After the select shot(s) is(are) played, each team member plays his own ball. Individual points are awarded according to score to par and a team total is scored. Ace/double eagle= 5 points, eagle= 4 points, birdie= 3 points, par= 2 points, bogey= 1 point, double bogey or greater = 0 points.